You know us by our name. For our clients both past and present, we’re NJ Lenders Corp. and proud of our reputation in the industry. But despite our relationship with our treasured customers there are some who may not know the whole story beyond the name of our firm. Here are a few facts you might be surprised to know:


NJ Lenders Corp was founded in 1991 yet we’re known far beyond New Jersey borders. In fact, we provide conventional as well as government-backed loans in not just New Jersey but New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and Florida. That’s quite a footprint and we approve Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, FHA, VA, USDA and a host of other programs.


Serving the communities in these seven states are over 80 experienced, licensed residential mortgage loan officers and more than 180 employees. Although we do offer more loan options than most other mortgage companies can provide, that doesn’t mean we send loan applications to other lenders for approval. We’re the lender and we fund loans every single day.

Once you meet with your loan officer, your loan application is then delivered to your loan processor who will prepare your loan file for approval. Once all documentation has been collected your loan goes directly to one of our staff of underwriters. After the file has been approved your closing papers are drawn and delivered to the settlement agent. Everything is done in-house.


Originating mortgage loans in seven states with more than 180 employees means we close a lot of loans. NJ Lenders Corp. has funded more than 10 Billion in residential mortgage loans and approve even more each and every single day. Our volume allows us to provide not just a wide range of loan products but our strength allows us to offer some of the most competitive interest rates in the industry.


And finally, our reputation and tenure in the industry has allowed NJ Lenders Corp. to form some very important bonds with industry peers and service providers all across our seven state footprint. Are you moving to Miami and need an excellent real estate agent? Perhaps you’re looking to refinance a rental property you own in upstate New York. Whatever your lending requirements, we’ll not only provide excellent service and very competitive rates but introduce you to some of the finest service providers to be found.