With the start of September, summer is nearing its end and Fall is fast approaching. With the beginning of the Autumn Season comes the need for home maintenance. As a new homeowner, doing this maintenance now can save you big headaches later on in the year. According to, the most important home tasks for late summer are:


Painting the Exterior
Lower humidity and cooler temperatures make late summer and early fall ideal times to paint the exterior of the home.

Cleaning Gutters and Downspouts
Clear all drainage areas of leaves and debris, and consider installing gutter guards.

Inspecting the Roof
Hire a licensed professional to examine the roof for wear and tear. (If the shingles are buckling, cracking or curling, it is time to replace them.) Be sure the professional assesses the flashing around chimneys, pipes, and/or skylights.

Turning Off Hose Valves
Turn off the valves to exterior hose bibs to prevent water pipes from bursting when the weather dips below freezing. Wrap pipes that run along exterior walls with heating tape.

Replacing Filters
Replace the filter in the furnace or heating system. Consider consulting with a licensed heating contractor to inspect and service the unit before the season turns.

Checking Insulation
Check the insulation in the attic to ensure the vapor barrier is facing down toward the living space.Cut slits in the vapor barrier to allow moisture to escape.