What is a Survey?

Sep 11
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What is a Survey?  

A survey is a graphic description of a property, similar to a map, outlining its legal boundaries, dimensions and other features such as structures, roads, driveways, fences, easements, setbacks, flood zones and elevation. It is typically ordered by your attorney or the title company.


The cost varies depending on the size and complexity of the property along with other features such as staking each property corner. Without corner stakes the cost of a survey ranges from $700-$1,000.

Why get a Survey?

Surveys are conducted to determine the boundaries between parcels of real estate and are used to determine the exact legal area of ground that will be transferred when a property is sold.   A land survey will give you important information including if the property is in a flood-zone and if the deed shown to you by the seller indeed reflects the correct size of the property being transacted.   The Survey will also determine whether all structures are completely within your property’s boundaries and meet municipal requirements for the required distance, commonly known as setback, from your property’s border.


When starting the mortgage process, please reach out to us determine if a new or existing (less than ten years old) survey is needed for the mortgage program you desire. If we do not require a survey I recommend you consult with your attorney to determine whether to order a new a survey.

In some cases your property seller may have a recent survey that you can utilize for your transaction. Purchasing a home is a large financial investment and Land Surveying is a method of protecting your investment.